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Tired of the fetishization, racism and cultural appropriation of latinx cultures. Also featured on this blog are latinx issues, and notable/famous latinxs.

she took back the url she deactivated


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Fishnfaith's pet salon has a yelp page. It's empty of a rating or review, but anyone with a yelp account is encouraged to warn potential customers about the racist staff. Just thought you guys should know
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shes back lol



- nichole

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shes back lol


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these saltines are going wild tonight


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can the person who made the tumblr about that racist girl get in trouble?

It depends. It could be considered harassment, slander, cyber bullying but shes over 18 and no longer a minor and said on her blog that she did not care.

Btw we are not lawyers or in politics or law enforcement and laws vary from state to state.


Yeah, I don’t think posting stuff that somebody has made available to the public is illegal. I think it could be harassment or maybe cyber bullying maybe but probably not. 


14 minutes ago on 18 April 2014 @ 9:06pm
Some other racists are trying to say that it is illegal to call and notify her employer of her opinions with the intent to get her fired. I couldn't find that verified anywhere online but maybe i'm looking in the wrong direction, what do you think?

If you have a legitimate complaint that is backed up with evidence then no it is not illegal. If you are trying to get someone fired and lying then, yes, thats illegal. We have proof and we are filing complaints because we feel as if the company should be aware of who they are employing, were not trying to get ANYONE fired but if thats the rout that her employers choose to take then thats on them.


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today at work(i work at a toy store) this white lady came up to me and said "do you have any other of these dolls in the back? all you have on the floor are the ugly black and spanish looking ones, NO OFFENSE".
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I regret checking out heritage-and-tradition another person from Florida spewing out some bile shit. Is Friday night "show your true colors" night for white people or something?


It’s Good Friday too, ya racist heathens.

All the racists come out on Fridays.

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Hi there! I saw the anon about being confused about his/her identity and the best way IS to ask older relative where he/she is from. I'm still confused myself. I was born in the US and I've made a mistake of calling myself "Mexican" (when it's actually a nationality). I spoke w/ my parents and found out that my family is of the Toltec descendant. So should I say that's who I am instead? Btw you're blog is awesome!

Thanks for helping anon!!! And thanks for the compliment!!


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You and thisisnotjapan both use that gif and now I can't see it as ANYTHING but boohoo white tears and I think that's beautiful.

Haha, same here. -e

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ur fucking disgusting

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Reblog this! People need to know and protect their Tumblr, my friend clicked this and it doesn’t let her on Tumblr anymore! 

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So, i guess hicktownkindaboy is a 19 year old from virginia named Dylan that states in his blog "IF YOU DON’T LIKE RACIAL SLURS, ARE AGAINST RACISM, ARE ANTI GUN, OR A FOLLOWER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, I SUGGEST THAT YOU DON’T FOLLOW ME AND/OR PRESS THE X IN THE CORNER! THANKS (:" Also he has selfies with a Confederates flag on the background and has no problem saying the n-word or using it as a tag.... Also he uses "TITS OR GTFO" as an ask button

oh boy.. The south is a lovely place isn’t it. -e

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Yes that is the scum in referring to.

Oh, what was the comment she made on insta? (I’m curious)


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