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Tired of the fetishization, racism and cultural appropriation of latinx cultures. Also featured on this blog are latinx issues, and notable/famous latinxs.


  1. Actually educate yourself about the issues. You are perfectly capable of educating yourself, it is your own responsibility, so do so, and don’t assume that you are already an expert. Keep up with current events involving the issues and don’t be afraid to ask…
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if your mom is Cuban and Jamaican and your dad is white, are you still considered (semi) Hispanic even if it's only 25 percent?

hell ya!!

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drag me for not saying “central and south america AND MEXICO” like ok chill. i think anon gets it

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"it’s a collective identity for people born in central and south america" AND NORTH AMERICA. Mexico is in north america.

Do u support nafta

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Idk if you can help but I was wondering, why isn't latinx or Hispanic considered a race? I hope this doesn't sound stupid or offensive but what makes it different from being white, black, or Asian? What are all the races one CAN identify as?

because latinx is a cultural heritage. it’s a collective identity for people born in central and south america AND MEXICO*. an asian person being born in germany does not make them white. it just means they hold german citizenship and live in german culture. however if this asian person were born in venezuela, this would make them latinx!! you can be white and latina. you can be black and latinx. you can be asian and latinx. anyone can be latinx!! i think thats so cool. latinx identity fucks with people’s heads because it breaks the narrow ideas of racial identity or what latinx should look like. latinx has no “look,” you can’t “look” latinx, it’s something that you just are and anyone that says you cannot identify as such based upon your looks u should laugh in their face lmao it all has to do with being born there or being raised in the culture/having it passed down to you.

*edited for the picky anon damn

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would you say a white latinx is as privileged as a white american or european, for example? considering they both live in the US or Europe, does being latino still makes her/him less privileged?

I can’t speak on behalf of white latinxs, but I’ll publish right after this another anon comment that perfectly answers your question.


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I know latino is not a race. What I'm saying is that I am seen as white IN BRAZIL (my country) but in the UK (where I live now) I'm seen as "latina". Not black or white, but since I have stereotypical phenotypes, I'm seen as latina. Is is possible? I mean, I'm mestiça but it was never important in Brazil, there I had white privileges, but not here.

oh wait, or are you the same person? :S

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You're incorrect about the identification of Mestizo/as. It's not a race in itself, but an indication of mixed heritage. Mestizo/a literally translates into "half caste" and is not only used in relation to those of Spanish(White)/Indigenous ancestry. One can be a White Mestizo/a or Afro-Mestizo/a, etc. Using it only to refer to it's out-dated Spaniard translation of White/Indigenous mix erases others who are mixed with indigenous blood though not white/Spaniard heritage.

Ok thank you

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Que blog lindo!

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Hello, this is gonna sound really stupid & it's ok if u can't help me since u don't know me irl but even tho I identify as Mexican (both my parents are originally from Mexico & their family before them as well) Idk what my race is? I know Mexican isn't a race but then idk what I actually am.. My skin is very pale but I've been told that I look Hispanic which leads me to believe that I am not white-passing. It really confuses me bc I have no knowledge of any other cultures in my family's history.

I should probably write in the FAQ that we can’t decide your race for you. We can help, but it’s up to you how you want to identify with. -e

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What hurts Indians most is that our costumes are considered beautiful, but it’s as if the person wearing it didn’t exist.
Rigoberta Menchu, in I, Rigoberta Menchu. (via devie2011)
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Am I a bad latina if I immigrate to the Europe looking for better conditions of life?

No, not at all.


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cultural appropriation. they love everything about us but us.
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Is it true that there is more diversity in the US than in the whole Latin America? My English teacher said that today anr I was astonished. I don't believe a word he said but I wanted to confirm anyway.

Don’t believe him. For starters, diversity in what terms?

He probably is thinking only in “racial diversity”.


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what means poc?

People of Color

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