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Tired of the fetishization, racism and cultural appropriation of latinx cultures. Also featured on this blog are latinx issues, and notable/famous latinxs.

Why is it offensive to have your skin described with mocha or chocolate or other good stuffs. Can you pls explain?


Here are two quick links for why it’s problematic. 

But realistically it should be fairly obvious. It’s the same as why theres so much uproar over white casting in TV and films. White is assumed normal, average or neutral. White get’s it’s own descriptors i.e. beige; they also get complimentary descriptors like porcelain, whereas today I bought a concealer called sand. sand. fucking SAND!!!!!! Why is white skin described as something associated with perfection, flawlessness, smooth, soft and precious when my skin is associated with dirt, rough, under your feet, inconsequential. 

These descriptors are more than just words, they’re identifiers and create an identity for the person/persons to which they belong. 

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In Janitors’ Own Words: Austraberta Rodriguez

In this clip by In Janitors’ Own Words, Austraberta Rodriguez shares her experience as janitor in Houston, Texas. At the time this video was shot, janitors in Houston were being paid as little as $20 a day, worked in hazardous conditions, and weren’t offered any type of benefits. In 2006 Rodriguez, along with thousands of Houston janitors, joined a labor strike that would eventually lead to an increase of wages and a low-cost health plan for Texan janitors.

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MisSpelled is about five girls who mysteriously acquire magical abilities and how they learn to deal with them and one another. It’s funny and comedic and tons of fun for you and your friends. Also three of our lead actresses identify as hispanic/latina!

We are gearing into our kickstarter phase and need support from you!

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Please spread the word! MisSpelled needs you! 

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what's an afro latina? I just recently heard this term


Afro-latina/o is a person in Latin America with African Ancestry. Most Afro Latinos are descendants of African slaves brought over by the Spaniards & Portuguese & French, but some Afro Latinos could be descendants of Africans who came on their own will, but that’s rare. (Unless you’re talking about English Speaking Afro-Caribbeans who migrated on their own in search for jobs, and their offspring assimilated w/Afro-Latino culture, as in the case of some Panamanians, including my grandmother)

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THE SERI INDIANS of Sonora Mexico 

Many cultural changes have taken place in the last few decades. Except for special events, women no longer paint their faces as they once did. Those who saw and recorded Seri face painting marked a dying trait.

Women painted delicate and tasteful designs on their faces. Usually, designs were carried in a straight horizontal line across the upper face and over the bridge of the nose. Elements represented flowers, leaves, and other pretty motifs and it was all done just to be attractive.

Married women used distinctive but heavier patterns that identified them as matrons.

Men also painted on occasion-to go to war, for spiritual protection, or just general attraction. Designs suggested by medicine men could be used by both sexes for spiritual protection.

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Thank you for starting this, as a Latina I felt the Latinx community really needed one of these pages to be informed of the fetishing and other issues our community face. Keep it up 👍

Thank you!!!

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This might sound like a very dumb question but if someone is not from a latinx, hispanic, or otherwise POC heritage/country is it still alright for them to appreciate and want to learn about laitnx, hispanic, and POC cultures? There seems to be a very big bias against white people wanting to learn about other non white cultures. (Again, I'm very sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but im generally curious.) thank you.

It’s not a dumb question. It’s alright for white people to appreciate and want to learn about our culture and history. There is a bias because in many circumstances our culture becomes appropriated instead of just appreciated. There is a thin line between the two but it doesn’t take much more than common sense to realize what’s appropriation and what isn’t. 


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So as some of you may or may not already know some of the mods have left for a variety of reasons and the current mods, myself included, are going to be incredibly busy for the next few months so we are looking for new mods to keep the blog going.

The number of mods we are accepting is not definite so any number may join, obviously not everyone will get in because we just cant except everyone and we want to have the most qualified people available.

We are looking for a diverse group of mods but please note that just because you aren’t the most diverse person ever does not mean that you won’t be accepted. 

PLEASE if you have any questions, feel free to ask.



ALSOOOO Just a quick explanation of why we asked what we asked:

Q1: We asked if you were latinx, we need you to be latinx for obvious reasons.

Q2: We are hoping to find mods from outside the USA too.
(so everyone who always says were US centric, this is your chance to apply.)

Q3-Q5: We just want to get to know you better. This stuff is 1000000000000%%%%%%% confidential. We need to know how to contact you (your tumblr url), your name, some background info like where you’re ethnically from (so we can have a wide rage of mods) ect…

Q6: We are looking for mods because we are unavailable atm, therefore we need mods who are available and we also want to know why you want to become a mod.

Q7-Q9: These are example questions. We need you to answer them because we get questions like this quite often, actually these are real questions we’ve gotten, and we just want to get a vibe of how you would be answering questions.


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So as some of you may or may not already know some of the mods have left for a variety of reasons and the current mods, myself included, are going to be incredibly busy for the next few months so we are looking for new mods to keep the blog going.

The number of mods we are accepting is not definite so any number may join, obviously not everyone will get in because we just cant except everyone and we want to have the most qualified people available.

We are looking for a diverse group of mods but please note that just because you aren’t the most diverse person ever does not mean that you won’t be accepted. 

PLEASE if you have any questions, feel free to ask.



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When people talk about the wage gap between white women and black/latina women in the us, by white women do they mean white american woman? or do white/white-passing latinas still make less than a white american women in the us?

In my opinion they mean White American women. I don’t if the statistics differentiate between white passing Latinx’s and POC women. 

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dont eat potatoes its culturally appropriating to the irish and as a non irish person it offends ME

Potatoes were first grown and domesticated in Peru by the Andean/Inca people. Not in Ireland. 

If you’re going to try to make a pathetic joke, at least know what you’re talking about first. 

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That’s because these things didn’t have basketball shoes and you can’t rape them.

^^^^^^wouldja look at this racist fucker???

Yup. you started it. I can be racist too if that’s the game you wish to start.

lol as if a minority calling out problems with an oppressive society is equivalent to perpetuating negative stereotypes about a diverse group of people who already suffer from racism and oppression on a daily basis lol man

As if couching the diverse white people of America as people who steal culture or countries isn’t perpetuating a negative stereotype? What country in the world didn’t take their land from someone else at some point? When America was settled, the Indians didn’t even have Horses - the Spaniards brought them. And, the Indians were battling each other for land that was yet to be fully claimed and put on the map. I’m not sure what religious figure we stole. The western white man has created culture and, especially now days, every culture except for American’s white culture is appreciated and encouraged. The only group on earth that is discouraged from, and called racist for,  celebrating their own culture is the white people in America. Finally,  the factual crime statistics clearly show the most crimes - including  murder, store robberies, and especially rape, are  committed by black people. So, the most controversial thing about what I said, is that it is true.

reverse racism isnt real bro im sorry

ur not actually discriminated against ever for being white bc u r part of the oppressors bro

u complain abt ur problems but u r only seeing symptoms of real oppression that u perpetuate that happen 2 have a negative effect towards u in addition 2 their devastating effects on minorities & women but u actually have it better than every other race/gender/nationality

u have privilege bro

dont b a crybaby

use ur privilege 2 help others

(native americans were doing fine w/o the horse btw that was irrelevant to the devastation that the europeans unleashed upon an outwardly peaceful group of people. also the europeans didnt think the native americans had souls so they would torture and kill them like animals unless they agreed to convert & abandon their own culture. also later the americans effectively committed genocide & stripped away the rights of the native americans bc they had no way to stop the us govt)

Well you make some interesting suggestions but I’m not following all of them. Perhaps you can answer a couple questions - sincere questions, not being a smart ass.

regarding minorities getting preferential admittance into college and getting most the government contracts because minority status and female status are given priority when it comes to contracting with private enterprise. The only way I as a white business owner would get a government contract, at city, state, or Federal level, is if no minorities are women show up to claim it. So, based on what you said, how am I doing anything to cause that and how can you say that I’m not hurt  by such reverse discrimination?

How is it fair that there was a city who had a policy to hire the top scoring (however many) trainee fireman - a test given to them at the end of training. Well, all white guys were the top scoring and no black guys that took it even passed. So, the city lowered the standard and still, no black guys met the minimum requirement. They sued, and as a result, the black trainees were given the job and white guys that had already gotten hired were let go. How is that not hurting white guys?

Finally,  our white American culture only fades away - we hardly have one and aren’t allowed to cultivate one. You see all the time in clubs or communities “African Festivals,” or  “African Dance Party,” etc. You see equivalent type cultural events for every group. Yet, there’s some unwritten rule that white Americans cannot have activities, pastimes and events dedicated towards celebrating and cultivating their own culture, like “Celebrating the innovative white male of the west festival?’ Perhaps Americans would be less anti-Immigration if we didn’t have this inclusion and diversity bullshit shoved at us, where even non-citizen minorities enjoy certain affirmative action privileges that the white men, who build this country and this would for the most part, do not. which reminds me, on  a side note,

 I became anti immigration,  when I saw illegal, bean eating, Mexican fuckers raising the Mexican flags at American schools, and marching around American streets with their flags, making demands about their rights. So disrespectful. I’ve been to their failed, shit ass, filthy, uncivilized country many times and would never even think about waiving an American flag around their country, let alone violently rant about taking back or taking over their country while at the same time begging for and demanding welfare, education and a free, fully funded life. these scum bags flood into America, live off white man’s taxes, shit up every home they move into. You can have the nicest neighborhood, and if someone sells to a Mexican family, they’ll be junked up cars on their lawn, trashed  landscaping and property, and frequent police visits answering disturbing the peace charges and what not, with drunk, unknown, Mexican scum rotating in and out of the house.

Then you go to any area where Mexican neighborhoods are, and the restaurants are shit holes with large families making the white Americans feel like they aren’t even in their own country, meanwhile we pay for this - we are forced to finance the downfall of our country, the loss of our contracts and spots in college, and the trashing of our environment and neighborhoods. Not good. what will happen when the White man is fazed out because we are the only group that procreates responsibly? Is there just going to be one ghetto or hood after another, where anywhere you go it is either a dangerous black neighborhood or a trashed, filthy Mexican one, or a terrorized Muslim enclave?


White people in a nutshell.


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What It Means To Be AfroDominicana

by Dianna Tejada

Dominicans know they’re Black, I don’t know why they deny it so much. I mean, look at your hair. Youmust be Black.” This and statements of similar sentiment have followed me my entire life. For years, I felt forced to identify with the Blackness that everyone else saw, but the self-loathing-filled lens I was using to view myself did not allow me to do that.

I spent most of my life proclaiming that I was not Black because I was Dominican. Now, I recognize that I am Black because I am Dominican. This process of decolonizing my identity has allowed me to identify as AfroDominican.  Now, I am now confronted with, “You’re not really Black.”

Yo soy AfroDominicana.

read more

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